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SITE Publications
Development of New Cells and Operations in Urban Warfare
By SITE Institute
June 17, 2005

A lengthy guide recently posted to the Internet provides detailed instructions for the organization of a terrorist cell operating within an urban environment, as well as advice a mujahid should heed to conduct war within an enemy?s urban areas. The guide also describes operations to be executed by each major group within the cell and methods to maximize these group?s utility.

The author painstakingly emphasizes the importance of a diffusion of leadership within each cell and repeatedly stresses that none of the groups should interact with each other. Each cell then is divided into four groups: leadership, reconnaissance, preparation, and execution, with each entity remaining distinct. Further, the author delineates several points for weapon preparation for urban warfare, highlighting the use of mortars to ?exhaust the enemy,? and machine guns, mine fields, and explosives as ?necessary in all stages.?

As an example to the importance of accuracy in planning attacks and the suggested methodology, the author references Ramzy Yusef, which the text refers to as having attempted to destroy the ?European Union Bank,? but in fact, it seems to describe the World Trade Center in New York. According to the text, which stresses the necessity of precise analysis, the reconnaissance group measured the width of the pillars, nails, and materials, but the operation failed because ?the walls were not reinforced, but rather were steel walls, [which he did not know how to blow up] until Allah send the hero Mohammed Attah, Allah bless his soul.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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