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Al Qaeda in Iraq Criticizes al Jazeera's Lack of Coverage of Mujahidin, Claims Responsibility for Cafe Suicide Bombing, Assassination of a Translator and Sheikh
By SITE Institute
June 19, 2005

Al Qaeda in the Country of Two Rivers harshly criticized the broadcasts of the television network al Jazzera today. The group's statement questions the bias of the network for not presenting the stories of the mujahidin in Iraq.

The group writes, ?Every falsity slanders by the crusaders and their tails, you see that Al Jazeera broadcasts it with assertion and certainty that does not accept doubt. And if the mujahidin said something true or showed rightness, you see the silence, concealing, blindness and deafness. But where is the other view, when the front was to the first view was the luck of the crusaders and their tails.?

Additionally, al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing of a cafe near Bawabat El Kasr in the green zone, in Mariam?s Karada in Baghdad,. The group was unapologetic for the 23 deaths caused by the bomb stating that ?since that the restaurant was only visited by the police, the officers, the spies and the informers, and it was their lunch time, and there were repeated crowding of them, our generous brother detonated, and Allah destroyed them, an explosive belt destroyed the strongholds of the converters and terrorized the oppressors, the grace and the thanks are to Allah.?

The group also claimed responsibility for the assignations of a translator working for coalition forces in Iraq and Sheikh Hosaineia in Al Dora in northern Baghdad. ?[we] monitored a translator worked for the crusaders army, and after gathering the information, and confirming his employment and support, he was assassinated yesterday morning at 8:00AM, Saturday 11 of Gamadi Al Oula, June 18, 2005 in the Al Jamaa district in Baghdad.?

Full translations of the statements are provided to our Intel Service members.

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