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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Attacks in al-Amerya Upon American and Iraqi Soldiers and Three Suicide Bombings in al-Karabila Targeting American Forces
By SITE Institute
June 21, 2005

In three separate communiqués issued to the Internet today, June 21, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for attacks upon an American convoy and Iraqi National Guards in al-Amerya, and an operation inclusive of rockets attacks and 3 suicide bombings in al-Karabila, in al-Qaim, northwestern Iraq near the Syrian border.

According to the first communiqué, in al-Karbila today, the ?knights of truth? drove the American forces within the range of mujahideen fire, where they were allegedly fired upon with ?Katyusha and Krad rockets, mortars, as well as other types of rockets.? Also, ?three suiciders? detonated their cars and ?turned them into body parts.? The message concludes with a statement that the ?youth of al-Anbar do no accept the oppression or aggression.?

Yesterday, as highlighted in the second communiqué, a battle erupted in al-Amerya in Baghdad between al-Qaeda in Iraq and American soldiers and members of the Iraqi National Guard, following an ambush set up by the group. The message alleges that ?4 of the crusaders were killed and others were injured.?

The third communiqué describes an ambush of an American convoy ?which came to its death without knowing,? in Amerya on Sunday. According to the message, more that seven ?crusader? vehicles were destroyed; however, the group reported losses of ?18 brothers of our mujahideen were killed; another number were injured.?

A full translation of the three messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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