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The Shari’a Committee of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues a Statement about Fighting in al-Anbar and the Lack of Participation of the Muslims in Battles in this Area, and Cites Alleged Victories in the “Attack in Revenge for the Sunnis” in Baghdad
By SITE Institute
June 22, 2005

The Shari?a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq, in two separate statements issued today, June 22, 2005, comments on battles between coalition forces and the mujahideen in al-Qaim in al-Anbar province and questions why the Muslims have not supported their fight, and celebrates alleged victories today in Baghdad in the ?attack in revenge for the Sunnis.?

The first statement, referencing the latest military operations in Iraq, Operation Spear and Operation Dagger, comments that they ?are nothing but words about their cowardliness and deception? and avers that media accounts of mujahideen losses in the region are ?all lies and twisting the truth.? Further, the group addresses the ?Mohammad nation? and questions if they are ?forgetting your brothers or because you are the victims of the infidels? guided media.? The statement cites their ?collective efforts? in allegedly securing victory in al-Falluja and urges the Muslims to fight in al-Qaim, where the ?attacks are concentrated.?

In Baghdad today, as described in the second statement, ?the Sunnies and their youth? executed attacks on an Iraqi police station in al-Ilam district and Iraqi National Guard camp in al-Risala with ?truth shells.? The message states these attacks are ?revenge for the Sunnis?, in response to recent large-scale operations in Iraq which did nothing more than ?arrest the weak and tie up the elderly and the children and beat up the women and the handicapped… [and] humiliate the Sunni people.?

A full translation of both statements is provided to our Intel Service members.

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