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Ansar al-Sunnah Claims Responsibility for Murdering an Anti-Terrorism Official in Kirkuk, Attacks on American Forces in Heet and Tikrit, and Firing Rockets on an American Base South of Baghdad, as Depicted in a Video
By SITE Institute
June 28, 2005

In a second series of communiqués and a 1:40 minute video clip issued today, June 28, 2005, Ansar al-Sunnah claims responsibility for attacks upon American forces today in Operation Sword in Heet, a bombing operation on American targets in Tikrit, the murder of a counter-terrorist official in Kirkuk, and as depicted in the video, rocket attacks on an American base south of Baghdad.

The first communiqué describes the start of attacks on the forces involved in Operation Sword, whereas the group states that they found the ?gathering points? of the American soldiers near Heet and launched ?two Krad rockets and two Katyushas on the gathering of the crusaders? forces.? According to the message, the losses were unknown.

The murder of an officer of the anti-terrorist branch of the Iraqi government in al-Wastya district in Kirkuk is described in the second message. The captain was fired upon with automatic weapons and ?was killed on the spot…? The communiqué states that this assassination was in ?revenge of the Muslim brothers in the jails of the government.?

The third communiqué highlights a bombing operation in Tikrit, which targeted American soldiers? vehicles on the expressway. According to the message, one Humvee was completely destroyed and ?all of its passengers were killed,? and another Humvee was damaged.

The fourth communiqué describes the accompanying video, stating that it depicts the firing of three Tarik rockets on American base south of Baghdad.

A full translation of the four messages and video clip are provided to our Intel Service members.

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