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The Shari’a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq Publishes Booklet Titled: “Why We Fight – and Against Whom?”
By SITE Institute
June 29, 2005

The Shari?a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq recently published a 49-page booklet titled: ?Why We Fight - and Against Whom?? which was electronically distributed across several al-Qaeda affiliated forums. Allegedly written by Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi, a member of the Shari?a Committee, the booklet is primarily divided into two ?examinations,? each containing several ?quests? outlining the group?s position concerning their jihad and branding Shi?ite Muslims as an enemy ?worse than Jews and Christians, because they chose for themselves a path other than that of Islam, and have opened the widest doors of infidelity.?

The booklet discusses in great detail the motivation for the mujahideen, explaining that they are fighting what they see as ?contemporary persecution? by those who do not follow Islam, or are followers of an Islamic faith they do not hold true. Their stated goal in this battle is to propagate their brand of Islam, and at the same time, expunge the ?corruptive elements? within society, including ?idols, prostitution and fornication,? and smash the ?false proselytizers… and the governments protecting them.? Further, Muslim governments who support Western prospects are accorded greater enmity, and jihad against these ?Imams of infidelity? takes ?priority over fighting Jews and crusaders.?

Concluding the publication, the Shari?a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq assails democratic government, believing it a deification which impugns Allah?s rule and ?since democracy is a system that claims to be the highest authority, it must be considered a religion.? Whoever adopts this ?religion,? including members of parliament or the people who voted for their election, is branded an infidel and ?must be treated accordingly.?

A translation of selected portions of the booklet and a detailed summary are provided to our Intel Service members.

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