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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues a New 45 Minute Propaganda Video titled: “All is for Allah’s Religion”
By SITE Institute
June 29, 2005

Today, June 29, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq electronically distributed a 45 minute promotional video, which had been advertised on al-Qaeda affiliated message boards for the past two weeks, along with an introductory communiqué. The video depicts the current situation in Iraq following the American occupation, which is described as a ?war of the crusaders against Islam," while old audio clips of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are heard in the background. Also, narration elaborating on the situation is played over a panorama of clips showing attacks on American and Iraq forces throughout Iraq in the last 2 years, from suicide operations to Humvee attacks in al-Yusifia, Talafar, Baghdad, Samarra, Mosul, and Naserya.

The video opens with shots of Usama bin Laden walking along a mountainside, while a selection of his audio recording talks about the war in Iraq, indicating that Allawi's government and the American present in Iraq aim to destroy the Muslims.

Following this, the video describes in length actions of the Martyrs? Brigade of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the American?s ?deception? in constructing an alleged ?unwanted? democracy in Iraq to save the Iraqis. Several shots picturing the destruction of homes, death of children, and arrests of women as a result of the American attacks in Iraq are used this illustrate this claim. In addition, the video describes the humiliation of the Abu Ghraib prisoners and the crimes against the Sunnis carried out by the Shi?ites of the Iraqi National Guard and police.

For about five-minute period in the video, an elderly Iraqi women describes acts allegedly perpetrated upon her by Iraqi soldiers, in a soliloquy delivered alongside footage of Iraqi soldiers celebrating. During her talk, the woman explains that she was accosted and humiliated by Iraqi soldiers, who blindfolded her and threatened to give her to the Americans, to which she responded:

?I am Iraqi, you are Iraqi, why are you doing this to me??

The segment ends with her stating that she would have favored death to this humiliation. Additionally, the video contains a previously released clip of a Lieutenant Colonel Ryadh Katie Olyway, ?confessing? to working ?in cooperation with the American forces in the Ministry of Interior to provide the names and addresses of our brothers the officers from the previous army from among the Sunni people.? From this point, the video describes Allawi?s and current Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafaar?s government deception and crimes against the Sunnis.

During another segment, the video shows pages of a report by Human Rights Watch concerning the condition of the Iraqi people following the war, and quotes sections about the torture of Iraqi prisoners.

Towards the end, the narrator explains that the message of the film is that the war in Iraq is to bring victory to Allah?s religion and indicates that the ?American Muslim is our friend, but the Arab infidel is our enemy.?

The video and translation of the communiqué are provided to our Intel Service members.

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