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Jihadist Message Board Posting Asks: “Is Kuwait Going to be the Third Shi’ite Country,” and Asks for al-Qaeda’s Intervention
By SITE Institute
June 30, 2005

A discussion recently posted to an al-Qaeda affiliated forum expresses concerns amongst the membership that Kuwait may become the ?Third Shi?ite Country,? following Iran and Iraq, and includes repeated calls to Usama bin Laden and al-Qaeda for their intervention in the matter.

The member initiating the discussion posits his argument in a belief that Shi?ites in any post within government makes the entire country Shi?a. Further, he states that the Shi?ites ?expansion in Kuwait economically is information which a proof… [t]he last happening is the appointment of a Shi?ite minister in Kuwait.? This author curses the current Kuwaiti regime for letting this happen, to ?pave the road to create a Shi?ite country and eventually, a larger Shi?ite country: the sister of the biggest Zionist country.? He pleads for Usama bin Laden to ?hit the rulers? and eliminate them before the purported Shi?ite domination.

Another member draws a comparison between Shi?ites and the Sunnis in Kuwait, alleging that the latter is not accorded the same freedom of speech. He states that a Sunni makes a statement in ?Kuwait or in other traitor countries,? he is branded an extremist or terrorist, both words that have ?became a pass word to kill our brothers and jails them.? Also, another party in the discussion asserts that the Shi?ites in Kuwait are ?not more than 13% of the population? and the rulers treat them well to remain in power and ?execute the crusaders? agenda.? His message ends with a statement: ?Yes, we need al-Qaeda to open this country.?

A full translation of the message postings is provided to our Intel Service members.

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