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The Shari’a Court of al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues A Statement about the Egyptian Ambassador titled: “The Sharp Sword Against the Infidel’s Ambassador”
By SITE Institute
July 6, 2005

The Shari?a Court of al-Qaeda in Iraq issued a statement today, July 6, 2005, titled: ?The Sharp Sword Against the Infidel?s Ambassador,? which addresses the purported crimes of the Egyptian ambassador to Iraq, Ihab al-Sherif, as an implement of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and therefore justifies the sentenced levied upon him. In addition, the Shari?a Court considers foreign embassies as ?intelligence centers? working solely to entrap foreign mujahideen and prevent them from ?connecting with their brothers in jihad? in Iraq. Interestingly enough, al-Qaeda?s Court mentions Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, also known as the ?Blind Sheikh,? who was convicted in 1996 for conspiring to blow up several New York landmarks and was subsequently sentenced to life in prison, in accusing the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad for abetting in the arrest of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman .

The Shari?a Court, in associating Ihab al-Sherif directly with President Mubarak, ?one of the biggest Arab devils,? claims that he purportedly initiated acceptance of the Shi?ite government in Iraq and sought to jail the mujahideen. Added to this charge, according to the statement, anyone affiliated with the ?devil? in drafting constitutions or executing operations on their behalf is considered an ?infidel,? whom the mujahideen are sworn to fight. Further, the Shari?a Court denounces scholars who ?cry… that the messengers of the infidels are not to be killed? and rely upon an alleged false interpretation of Mohammad?s Hadith (path), believing that Sherif did not relay a message to the Muslim people; rather, ?he came with a message to establish a crusader-Shi?ite system to enable the Jews to realize their dream to own the said promised land.?

Also, the Shari?a Court attacks Egypt for ?betraying? Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman by issuing intelligence to America through the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad, leading to his capture, and for providing intelligence officers in Abu Ghraib prison who were harmful to the mujahideen as additional justification to exact ?revenge for our brothers and our Islam from the devil of Egypt.? The statement concludes with a referral of Ihab al-Sherif to the mujahideen ?to execute the converters punishment. Our Prophet said kill he who changes his religion.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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