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A Series of Communiqués from al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for a Suicide Operation at Abu Ghraib, Attacks Against American and Iraqi Forces in Baghdad and Mosul, and Denies the Iraqi Interior Minister’s Statement Of a Secret Organization within the Interior
By SITE Institute
July 8, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued six communiqués today taking responsibility for attacks on American and Iraqi forces in Mosul and Baghad and denying a statement from Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Solagh regarding a "secret organization in his Ministry". Summaries of the communiqués follow:

1. In the first communiqué, the group denounces as a lie the statement by Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Solagh that there is a ?secret organizing? in the Interior. Yesterday, Solagh announced that Iraqi security forces foiled a plot by senior police officers linked to al-Qaeda to bomb the Ministry of Interior.

2. The second communiqué takes responsibility for bombing the Ninawa governorate building and the new police station in al-Yarmouk region. Both attacks occurred in Mosul.

3. In the third communiqué, al-Qaeda in Iraq claim responsibility for bombing the American barracks located in the former presidential palace in Mosul.

4. Their fourth statement refers to an al-Qaeda in Iraq attack which occurred in New Baghdad against an Iraqi police patrol.

5. In the fifth communiqué, the newly formed Omar brigade claim to have assassinated a member of the Shia Bakr Brigade on the expressway into New Baghdad.

6. In the sixth, and final, statement, the al-Baraa bin Malek Suiciders Brigade claims of al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for a suicide attack against an American patrol near Abu Ghraib.

A full translation of the six messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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