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Commentary Analyzes London Attacks and Threatens Attacks Against Italy
By SITE Institute
July 11, 2005

A two page commentary entitled "Reflections On the Blessed London Attack" written anonymously and circulating on jihadist internet messageboards analyzes last week's attack in London through seven conversation points: defeat of British security measures, international media coverage, British political repercussions, economic impact on the UK, the success of "victory by terror", ideological success, and the impact of the attacks on European Muslims. According to the article's author, the London attacks were specifically timed to coincide with the UK's simultaneous Presidency of the Council of the European Union and hosting of the G8 Summit in order to prove the superiority of the mujahideen over Western security measures. The article finishes with a call for European and British Muslims to "help the lions of al-Qaeda and al-Qassam…"

Throughout the article, the author refers to London as "the second capital" of infidelity and calls for mujahideen to "spy" on the "third capital of the infidels" in order to make the next attack "bigger and sooner". The article later explicitly references Italy as a point of future attacks, threatening "Italy, you wait for your turn, it is coming, no doubt. We will not forget Silvio Berlusconi. We will not forgive as we did not forgive Britain. We will not forget the Belfour promise, which promised those who have no right in Palestine. We will not forget your hatred to Islam and Muslims…"

A full translation of the commentary is provided to our Intel Service members.

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