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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Announces its Innocence for the Bombing in Baghdad Yesterday, and Claims Responsibility for the Assassination of Several Iraqi Officials, Attacks on American Forces in al-Ramadi, and an Attack in Baghdad’s Green Zone
By SITE Institute
July 14, 2005

In six separate messages issued today, July 14, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq announces its innocence of the bombing in Baghdad yesterday, and claims responsibility for the assassination today of several Iraqi officials, suicide bombings today in the Green Zone, allegedly killing more than twenty-five people and an attack on an American convoy in al-Ramadi.

  1. In the first statement, al-Qaeda in Iraq announces its innocence with regards to the operation in Baghdad yesterday, stating that Zarqawi instructed ?not to target the public.? The attack they seem to reference is a suicide bombing in Baghdad yesterday that killed 18 children and teenagers, as U.S. troops were handing out candy and toys.
  2. According to the second message, ?the standout head in al-Dawaa party,? Abu Karrar, a secretary of the ?idolatry guards,? Khalil Ibrahim, a major ?in crime fighting? and contractor for the Americans, and Mohamed Adnan, who ?supplies the American army with oil,? were assassinated today.
  3. Suicide operations today in Baghdad?s Green Zone allegedly killed more than 25 ?crusaders, converter soldiers and policemen.?
  4. As stated in the fourth message, the Omar Brigade of al-Qaeda in Iraq assassinated Captain Monhel Salem Mohamed, a security officer of the Badr Brigade ?in the 7th floor of the Ministry of Interior.?
  5. In al-Ramadi yesterday, the group attacked a ?convoy of crusaders? and allegedly killed seven Americans.
  6. The sixth communiqué highlights the assassination of nine members of the Badr Brigade in New Baghdad.

A full translation of the six messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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