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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Several Suicide Bombings, Attacks, and Assassinations Targeting American and Iraqi Forces in Baghdad
By SITE Institute
July 15, 2005

In a wave of twelve additional communiqués issued today, July 15, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for several attacks targeting American and Iraqi forces throughout Baghdad:

  1. A Suicidal Attack on a Crusaders? Station near the Northern Baghdad Gate
  2. Bombing the Police Station of Soleikh with Mortar Shells
  3. Detonating a Car Bomb and Announces 5 Killed of al-Ghadr Brigade
  4. Assassinating Ahmed Hussein, the Officer in the Ministry of the Interior in the al-Sayedya Area, Thanks Unto Allah
  5. A Suicidal Attack on a Combined Security Station at the Ministry of Defense in Bab al-Moazzam
  6. A Suicidal Operation on Troops? Transportation Car
  7. Operation on a Combined Convoy in al-Sinaa, Eighteen of Them Were Killed
  8. A Suicidal Operation on the Crusaders and the Guards in al-Amerya
  9. Assassination of a High Ranking Figure in the Interior When He Was Exiting the al-Zaafaranya Police Station
  10. Assassinating from 4-6 Police Officers in Bahraz
  11. Attacks in Samarra Which Are Going on and Announces Their Control Over Samarra
  12. An Operation on a Convoy of the National Guards in al-Talibya and Announces Killing 40

A full translation of the twelve messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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