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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Warning to the Americans Who Allegedly Captured Muslim Women in Rawah and al-Yosefya, and Claims Responsibility for the Assassination of al-Kazemya Police Director, and Several Operations Targeting American Forces and al-Ghadr Brigade Members
By SITE Institute
July 25, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq, in five separate communiqués issued yesterday, July 24, 2005, addresses the alleged capture of Muslim women in Rawah and al-Yosefya, and claims responsibility for the assassination of Colonel Emad Hatem Khalaf, the directory of al-Kazemya police, and suicide bombing operations and attacks upon American forces and al-Ghadr Brigade members in Trebeil, Talafar, and al-Doloyah:

  1. The first statement addresses the ?crusaders who capture Muslim women in Rawah and al-Yosefya,? charging the American soldiers with harming women as a substitute for allegedly failing to fight men. Further, the message warns that the American forces will not ?escape the suiciders? brigade.?
  2. According to the second message, Colonel Emad Hatem Khalaf, the director of al-Kazemya police, was assassinated yesterday. The group states that Khalaf was observed for more than tens days, at which time an inventory of his ?crimes? was listed, including ?supporting Jews and Christians… attacking the Sunni people… and torturing the elderly and kids….?
  3. Also yesterday, a suicide bombed detonated himself amongst a gathering of American forces in the border area in Trebeil, in western Iraq. As a result, the third communiqué states that ?more than 17 Americans were killed and a number injured.?
  4. The fourth communiqué described an attack on ?al-Mohrab Martyr Organization? of al-Ghadr Brigades in Talafar, demolishing the building used by the group.
  5. Several operations of the group between Thursday, July 21, 2005 and Saturday are highlighted in the fifth communiqué, where American forces and al-Ghadr members were attacked in al-Doloyah, north of Baghdad.

A full translation of the five message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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