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The Mujahideen of Egypt Claims Responsibility for the Egyptian Bombings, Lists the Names of the Suicide Bombers, and Issues a Statement Refuting the Brigades of the Martyr Abdullah Azzam’s Claim for the Attack and Finally, Warns the Jews and Christians to Leave Egypt within Sixty Days
By SITE Institute
July 25, 2005

The Mujahideen of Egypt issued two separate statements claiming responsibility for the Sharm al-Sheikh bombings Saturday, July 23, 2005, including details of the attack and the identification of the five suicide car bombers in the first message. The second statement refutes the claim made by the Brigade of the Martyr Abdullah Azzam for the attack. Further, the Mujahideen of Egypt issues a warning that the Jews and Christians are to leave Egypt within sixty days, else, they will witness ?what you never saw in your dreams.?

The first statement explains that the car bombs targeted Ghazala Gardens Hotel, the old market, and Jewish hotels and tourist buses, and the group alleges the casualties to included ?between 95 and 120? dead and injured to exceed 250. In addition, the Mujahideen of Egypt include the names of the ?martyrs? involved in the bombings, one of whom was the son of the group?s ?General Leader,? Hammoudi al-Masri.

In the second message, the group mentions the ?crusader?s media? talking about al-Qaeda?s involvement in the attack, and maintains that five people of their group were the executors. They state that the car bombs were composed of a ?local taxi, three from out of the country, the last was a bus,? and they crushed the ?dens of the Jews? in Egypt.

A full translation of both messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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