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Ansar al-Sunnah Claims Responsibility for the Assassination of Nour al-Deen, the al-Miqdad police director, and a Translator Working with American Forces in al-Mosul, and Several Attacks Upon American and Iraqi Forces in Baquba, Dyali, and Mosul
By SITE Institute
July 25, 2005

Ansar al-Sunnah, in seven separate communiqués issued yesterday, July 24, 2005, claims responsibility for the assassination of Nour al-Deen, the al-Miqdad police director, and the murder of two Quick Interventions Forces members and a translator working with American forces in Mosul, and several attacks targeting American and Iraqi forces in Baquba, Dyali, and Mosul:

  1. The first communiqué describes an attack yesterday on two American helicopters in Baquba, east of Baghdad, where one helicopter was allegedly hit, but the soldiers in the other fired upon the group, ?without anybody hurt from the mujahideen.?
  2. Also yesterday, the second message highlights a mortar attack on the police department in Dyali.
  3. A bombing operation upon the Iraqi National Guards? barracks in al-Moqdadya, in Dyali, with a ?number of mortar shells.?
  4. The fourth communiqué states that Nour al-Deen, al-Miqdad police director, was assassinated yesterday in Kirkuk. According to the message, the group had unsuccessfully tried to ambush him several times in the past, ?until the blessed day came when we got him.? Ansar al-Sunnah accuses Al-Deen of following orders from ?his masters the crusaders? to allegedly attack Muslims, and his murder is to serve as a lesson to other who do the same.
  5. A bombing operation involving the detonation of an explosive package on an American convoy in al-Mosul is highlighted in the fifth communiqué, where a Humvee was allegedly ?badly damaged? and those inside were ?killed and wounded.?
  6. According to the sixth communiqué, yesterday, two ?converters working in the Ministry of Interior? of the Quick Intervention Forces were shot to death in the Tunis District of Baghdad.
  7. The seventh communiqué states that a translor who was working for the American forces in Mosul was shot to death yesterday. The group states: ?This is the fate of every converter who helps the infidel crusaders.?

A full translation of the seven message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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