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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Attacks upon Iraqi Forces in al-Mosul, al-Fallujah, Baquba, and Baghdad
By SITE Institute
July 28, 2005

In six communiqués issued today, July 28, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for several attacks today upon Iraqi forces throughout in al-Mosul, al-Fallujah, Baquba, and Baghdad:

  1. The first communiqué states that today, two members of the Bishmarka and a Lieutenant Colonel of the Iraqi National Guard were assassinated today in al-Mosul.
  2. A group of ?crusaders and converters? were attacked in al-Fallujah today, as a center and quarters were bombed.
  3. According to the third communiqué, Lewa al-Zeib camp was attack today in al-Dowra, Baghdad, with four Katyusha rockets.
  4. A confrontation erupted between mujahideen from al-Qaeda in Iraq and Iraqi National Guards at a checkpoint in Khan Bani Saad in Dyali today, where ?ten converter enemies? were allegedly killed, as well as one soldier of the reinforcements.
  5. The fifth communiqué details at attack in the area of al-Razy, in Baquba, where a police checkpoint ?loyal to the Jews and Christians? was attacked with a variety of artillery. According to the message, thirteen police officers were killed, and three officers from the reinforcements were killed, also.
  6. The sixth message highlights an attack today on a checkpoint in Mohammad Sakran, targeting Iraqi police and National Guards. The message indicates that ten guards and five police officers were killed.

A full translation of the six messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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