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Jihadists Celebrate Beheadings on Message Boards
By SITE Institute
September 22, 2004

At 09:42 AM, the following message is posted by ?ba24?:

In the name of Allah the merciful and the compassionate,

Enclosing a link of the butchering of the first infidel American. Can be downloaded quickly.

[A link to the website]

At 10:47 AM, ?wolf? posts the following reply:

Allah the almighty! Allah the almighty! Allah the almighty!

Allah the most supreme and the most almighty!

Allah the almighty! Allah the almighty! [This call] leaves our throats, to fill the earth with the fragrance of aromatic plants! Allah the almighty! How did [this call] humble our necks! The necks of millions! Allah the almighty! We will sacrifice ourselves for this [call]! Until it will be supreme everywhere! Allah the almighty! Repeat this [call], for it is like thunderbolts in the ears of the devils!

At 08:59 AM, ?Fares Al-Ghad? posts the following message:

May peace be upon you, Allah?s mercy and blessings,

Troops of helpers,

Allah has bestowed victory upon us yesterday afternoon. However, our rejoicing and delight caused us to forget a great matter: Troops of helpers, today we must make America and Britain dream the nightmare of Abu Mussab [Al-Zarqawi] - waking up all their sleeping, making ill all their healthy and making mad all their sane.

The wise and shrewd thing to do is to take advantage of this victory, and not to let it flit past.

Publish this film in all of vile America?s [internet] forums and in that of its cousin Britain. Publish it in minimum 100 forums, and then they will spread it, wishing they had never seen it.

Shoulder this, place it in as many forums as possible, and write them [the links to the forums] here. We, the troops of helpers, will write this in their filthy newspapers and in their political forums.

[A list of 30 different links to the beheading movie follows]

At 02:23 PM, the following reply is posted by ?Al-Musaber?:

Don?t worry - hundreds of thousands of them have seen the film.

Some of them were terrified out of their wits,

Others vomited,

Some said they would never be able to taste food again.

Others? noses became red with fear (as Zarqawi said)

And Bush hid from the media, until he would find some make-up to hide the reddening of his nose

At 5:37 PM ?Abu Maysara Al-Iraqi? posted the following message:

Group of Attawhid Wal Jihad,

The glory to Allah, peace and prayer upon his messenger and upon his family and friends,

Today the leader Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi, may Allah protect him, slaughtered the first American hostage. The group will proceed to slaughter the rest, one after the other. The glory to Allah! We will supply you shortly, with Allah?s help, with pictures of the slaughtering,

At 5:45 PM, ?Barkan? posts the following reply:

Allah the almighty! You have made us proud!

At 5:46 PM, ?Al-Khatab? posts the following:

Allah the almighty! Allah the almighty! May Allah reward you, Abu Maysara Al-Iraqi.

At 5:49 PM, ?Wolf? posts the following:

Allah the almighty! Allah the almighty! …

O I love you, I love you, O slaughtering Sheikh!

At 05:51 PM, ?Naser Al-Mujahedin? posts the following picture:

[The flag is captioned: There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah?s Messenger - the Attawhid Wal Jehdad Troops]

Along with the message:

There is no succession [of leadership] but by means of Jihad; And there is no Jihad but with blood and corpses.

At 06:00 PM, ?Barkan? posts the following:

I pray to Allah that He protect you, O Mujahideen of Iraq. I swear, you have made us extremely proud

Around 10 further messages are posted between 06:07 and 06:30 PM, all praising Allah and thanking Zarkawi.

At 07:11 PM, ?Abu Abdullah Al-Filastini? posts the following message:

Allah the almighty! Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, may Allah protect him, slaughtering his first American hostage!! Video.

[Followed by 20 different links to the beheading video]

At 07:26 PM, ?ossama1? replies:

Allah the almighty! The glory to Allah!

And who slaughtered him? Abu Mussab, with his two noble hands - in order to eliminate Allah?s enemies, the Americans, and the infidels wherever they may be… May Allah reward you as much as you have aided his religion.

At 09:30 PM, Nafil1 posts the following picture of the twin towers exploding with the message ?Allah the almighty! The glory to Allah and to His believers!?

At 09:44 AM ?Ibn Roma? posts the following message:

In the name of Allah,

A letter to him who slaughtered the infidels, who defeated the tyrants… to the stallion of the nation, Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi,

We propose that you hang the heads of the American infidels on the bridges and roads, in order that others may learn what will happen to them if they don?t release our Iraqi sisters.

At 3:46 AM, ?Nimr? posts the following:

Peace unto you,

First, I would like to convey my regards to my Sheikh, Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi, and to his right hand, which cut off the head of the infidel crusader.

I have a proposal for you pertaining to the remainder of the hostages - it is for you to decide. I propose that you bring the hostages, that the American be killed first, and that you make the British [hostage] watch this. Make him direct a call to the tyrant

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