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Al Battar Issue No. 18
By SITE Institute
September 30, 2004

The eighteenth issue of Al Battar demonstrates the galvanizing effect of communications from Al Qaeda?s leadership on the movement. Enthusiastic citations of a recently released audiotape from Ayman Al-Zawahiri run through the entire magazine. In the lead editorial, Al-Farouq Al-Aamiri writes: ?Thanks to God, the tape . . . proved the important fact that, despite all the lies and controversy pursued by the Americans, the Islamic Army in Al-Qaeda is triumphant on the battlefield, unlike Bush?s victories, which are only on the pages of the ?New York Times? and the ?Washington Post.??

The news section focuses on the Al-Zawahiri tape, developments in Afghanistan, and the recent attacks on the Australian Embassy in Indonesia, claiming that Al-Qaeda is destined to defeat the U.S. and its allies. The commentary on current events explains why ?Australia is considered the main Crusader enemy in Indonesia and is at the top of the list of targets of our bothers, the Mujahideen.?

An essay on the situation in Russia concludes that the terrorist onslaught there has forced the Russian leadership to recognize its weakness and to change its attitudes toward the Chechens, proclaiming that ?for the first time in the history of this war, Russian officials were forced to give in and seek the most suitable solution for this issue. This is a serious indication that the attacks have truly shaken the Russians? collapsing existence.?

This issue also contains the second installment on the use of pistols as training for assassinations, a tactic advocated in previous issues and employed in several al Qaeda attacks in Saudi Arabia this month. This time, the featured pistol is the 9X18mm ?MAKAROV? pistol, with illustrations and detailed information on its weight, range, parts, operating mode, loading and unloading, cleaning and maintenance, the characteristics and disadvantages of automatic pistols, etc.

Additional training is offered in survival and the planning of special operations.

Also in this issue, the first installment of a series on topography introduces a science considered by the author to be as important as weaponry to the Mujahideen.
A partial summary and translation is available to our paid subscribers only.

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