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Anniversary Issue of Sawt al-Jihad
By SITE Institute
October 7, 2004

The 25th issue of Sawt al-Jihad begins with a reflection on the ?glorious successes? of the global jihad in the year since the inception of the magazine. This issue features a summary of Ayman al-Zawahiri?s speech on the occasion of the third anniversary of September 11th. Analysis of current events focuses on the assassination in Riyadh of a British communications engineer, condemns the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Prince Bandar for showing sympathy with the victims of September, and notes the U.S. inclusion of Saudi Arabia on the list of countries of concern with respect to freedom of religion.

An article on the eleven different forms of victory reassures jihadists that victory on the battlefield is not the ultimate measure of an individual?s contribution to jihad, yet expresses confidence that ?eventually the Islamic Ummah will attain a victory of investiture, triumph, and dominion.?

Another essay analyzes developments since September 11, concluding on the one hand that the Ummah is more united than ever and on the other, that the United States has gotten itself into a worse strategic mess in Afghanistan and Iraq than the Soviet Union ever did in Afghanistan.

Referring to the U.S., the author states, ?With Allah?s help, we cannot cease [from fighting] until its total downfall.?

A partial translation is available for our paid subscribers only.

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