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The Roadmap for the Mujahideen, by Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades
By SITE Institute
August 26, 2005

A 16-page document issued by the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades titled: ?The Roadmap for the Mujahideen,? dated July 1, 2004, has recently been circulated amongst jihadist forums. The group provides a detailed strategy, delineated into several requests from an individual Muslim and the Muslim Nation, including demands from the ?Crusaders,? as a means to effect change within the global relationship between the West and Islam. At the same time, the Brigades assails Western governments and officials, including America, Tony Blair and Great Britain, France, German Interior Minister Otto Schily and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer and Germany, and the ?converted governments? in the Arab nations, charging them with perpetrating crimes against Islam and creating a tool of the United Nations to legitimize and ?beautify? their acts. Europe is dismissed as a ?part of America's army? leading the ?Crusader? armies against Islam.

Addressing the Muslims, the group avers: ?there is no doubt now that the war is between Islam and Crusaders and Jews. It is now clear, and nobody but idiots can deny it.? The Brigades asks Muslims for their patience, to physically and mentally prepare for jihad, acquire new skills, and to ?form small groups under different names? so as to confuse the enemy. From the Muslim Nation, patience is stressed, as well as a call to form small cells inside and outside cities, and to create ?safe havens? for the mujahideen. Additionally, the group warns that those Muslims who are unable to immigrate to Muslim lands, and continue to reside in the West, must have ?food supplies for a month for himself and his family,? a weapon for defense and money to cover expenses for at least a month.

Concerning Western governments, Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades demands the release of prisoners in American jails, specifying Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, and in Guantanamo Bay, and asks for non-interference in the affairs of Muslim countries, and the removal of their presence from these lands. Further, the group expresses their future goals, including the widening of the ?circle of fighting,? by drawing America into a ?third swamp? following Afghanistan and Iraq, citing Yemen as a possible location. The group states: ?After these steps comes the expected hit, and it will break the American?s will and they will leave their agents and square their accounts with them, then the convoy goes to al-Qods [Jerusalem], Allah willing.?

A translation of selected portions of the documents is provided to our Intel Service members.

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