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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Seven Communiqués Claiming Responsibility for Separate Attacks
By SITE Institute
August 28, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued seven communiqués claiming responsibility for separate attacks on American forces in Iraq. The group also released a short video showing a Katyusha rocket attack on the ?Baker Crusader Base?.

The first and second messages claim responsibility for the assassination of a city council member in the city of Baquba and also noted al-Qaeda in Iraq ?assassinated one of the crusaders spies in the city of Baquba.?

The third communiqué describes a grenade attack on a patrol of ?cross worshipers? in the city of Samara.

According to the fourth message, al-Qaeda also launched a ?blessed incursion on the joint headquarters of the converters from the infidel guards and the police, in the green zone in Samara, heavy and light weapons were used during that attack, and the amount of losses of the enemy were not known.?

The group also targeted two military convoys: al-Qaeda ?detonated an explosive package on a line of the cross worshipers, it destroyed a Humvee, and disabled another, and the American military police commander in al-Mushahada was killed along with six of his guards?, and al-Qaeda ?targeted a convoy of the converted militia Bashmarka in the al-Azeem area, in Diali, the soldiers were injured and killed?

The last message, from the Khaled Ibn al-Waleed Brigade, an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq, takes credit for assassinating members of the al-Ghadr brigades over a 5 day span in Diali: In the period between 16 to 20 of the month of Rajab, your brothers in Khaled Ibn Al Waleed brigade…assassinated nine members of the al-Ghadr brigades, among them was the security official of the organization in the governorate.?

A full translation of the seven messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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