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Potential Suicide Bomber Bids Jihadist Community Farewell
By SITE Institute
October 11, 2004

This afternoon, October 11th, at 01:33 PM, a message was posted on the Ansar message board by a member called Sarkis, bidding farewell to the Ansar community and expressing hope for a reunion in heaven. Both the style and content of this message are reminiscent of wills composed by terrorists before suicide missions. Indeed, many members of the Ansar community responded to Sarkis, wishing him success and echoing his hope for a heavenly reunion.

Sarkis? message is even more foreboding in light of recent al-Qaeda statements suggesting that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which will begin on October 15th, will bring further attacks. Over the last few weeks, al-Qaeda publications have repeatedly emphasized that Ramadan is not merely a time of prayer, but of battle.

For example, the latest issue of Al Battar, which was released today, noted that both in the ancient world of Muhammad and in recent history - such as in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia or Saudi Arabia - battles and attacks have taken place during the Ramadan because ?Jihad for the sake of Allah - may He be glorified - is among the greatest of deeds.?

A complete translation of the original message posted by Sarkis and several responses, as well as a brief analysis of Sarkis? participation in the Ansar on-line jihadist community is made available to our paid subcribers.

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