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Al-Qaeda Mouthpiece, the Global Islamic Media Front, Analyzes Current al-Qaeda in Iraq Strategies
By SITE Institute
August 30, 2005

An article entitled "The Fighting Policies of the al-Qaeda organization in the Country of the Two Rivers" was posted to the internet yesterday by the Global Islamic Media Front, an al-Qaeda mouthpiece. The article provides interesting and analytical observation of the current strategies of al-Qaeda's campaign in Iraq. The author of the article, a Saudi from Najd-land area of northern Saudi Arabia , Abu Abdullah Ahmed al-Oram, indicates that al-Qaeda policy in Iraq consists of three important strategy points:

1. Isolating American forces from diplomatic and military support.
2. Removing the Iraqi government from the international community.
3. Combating Shiite centers of power.

These strategies will allow "the jihadi operation…[to] exceed the limits of Sykes-Picot . To reach the Arabic nations, which will follow Iraq, and nearest enemies, then it will reach the Western nations in an international jihadi movement."

According to al-Oram, Zarqawi, described in the article as " Emir of the jihad organization based in country of the two rivers and most likely Emir of the organization in the Middle East and North Africa", began preparing for the war "one year before [the invasion of] Iraq" by sending "agents for recruiting in every city" in the regions of "Najd lands, Hijaz, [regions of Saudi Arabia] and Yemen".

In order to isolate the American forces, al-Qaeda in Iraq is pursing two tactics: targeting Arabic translators and attacking Iraqi soldiers and policemen. According to the article, "The aim of [targeting translators] is to isolate the American army from communicating with Iraqi people so as to make them deaf" The Iraqi police and National Guard provide "shields" for American troops, the elimination of which would greatly harm the Americans.

To diplomatically quarantine the Iraqi government, the group has implemented a policy of targeting foreign ambassadors "to isolate the Iraqi government away from the international community and the neighboring countries".

al-Oram lastly describes their campaign against the Shiite Badr Brigade forces as an effort "To destroy this [Badr] brigade before the area will be empty of Americans… to make the area ready for the control of mujahideen from the land of Iraq and installing the Sharia courts". The article describes Iran and Syria as being two major loci of support for the Badr brigade.

A full translation of the article is provided to our Intel Service members.

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