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A Greeting and an Advice to the Mujahideen in Iraq Concerning the Constitution Referendum, by Lewis Attiya Allah
By SITE Institute
August 30, 2005

A nine-page letter written by Lewis Attiya Allah, a known al-Qaeda ideologist, addresses the mujahideen in Iraq about the upcoming constitution referendum voting, and the insurgent?s branding of those Iraqis who participate in the voting as ?infidel? and their warning of killing those who participate The message, titled: ?To our Mujahideen Brothers in Iraq: A Greeting and an Advice,? which was recently posted to a password-protected al-Qaeda affiliated forum, explains that one whom votes in the referendum is not necessarily an infidel, as they may actually cast a ballot denying the constitution. From this perspective, Attiya Allah believes it means: ?that person meant to stop this blight and prevent it, so that is not from the infidelity, but in a way he is doing a kind act….? However, he also believes that one who votes in favor of the Iraqi constitution is abetting the Americans, and propagating the ?succession of the political operation that was planned out by the enemies.?

In a similar vein, Attiya Allah presents the notion that participation in voting does not equate to ?approval of the democratic regime,? citing a Muslim in America who may have voted for George W. Bush when he saw that ?he will be a disaster and [harbinger of] destruction for America.? He also posits that the prudent option is to refrain from attacking election centers and murdering supporters, for regardless of these acts, the elections will be held as the Americans and their supports mobilize all their forces, finances, and energy, into achieving the ?desired results.? Rather, Attiya Allah stresses the ?true success? and importance of jihad, and most importantly, commanding respect and love from the Sunni people and Muslims all over the world to continue their jihad and make it the ultimate choice for patience.

Attiya Allah references the Taliban?s previous attempts at striking voting centers in Afghanistan, noting that after they found that it did not effect the desired results, opted instead to boycott it and announced their disapproval, while at the same time, preventing the killing of civilian Muslims. He reinforces this example by stating that the most important thing is that ?we are continuing our jihad and our path is the path of truth during, before and after the election until Allah permits the conquest and He is the best conquest.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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