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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Announces the Joining with Hassan al-Basri Brigades, Warns American Forces in al-Qaim, and Claims Responsibility for Downing Helicopters in Fallujah and Talafar, Assassinating an Iraqi Official in Basra, and Bombings on Iraqi Forces in Baquba and Samarra
By SITE Institute
August 31, 2005

In seven communiqués issued today, August 31, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq [Tanzeem Qaedat Al-Jihad Fi Bilad Al-Rafidayn] announces the joining with the Hassan al-Basri Brigades, warns American forces in al-Qaim, and claims responsibility for downing two helicopters, respectively in Fallujah and Talafar, assassinating an Iraqi official in Basra, and bombings on Iraqi forces in Baquba and Samarra:

  1. The first communiqué states that yesterday, an explosive was detonated on an Iraqi police patrol in the industrial district in Baquba, destroying a car and allegedly killing the six officers inside.
  2. The second message alleges that yesterday, a Chinook helicopter was shot down over Amereyat in al-Fallujah.
  3. Also yesterday, an Iraqi official was assassinated in Baquba.
  4. A car bomb was detonated yesterday on an Iraqi police patrol in Samarra, north of Baghdad, destroying a car and allegedly killing its occupants.
  5. The fifth communiqué states that an American helicopter was shot down in Talafar.
  6. In the sixth message, the group warns the American who ?committed an abominable crime? in al-Qaim, in air bombing the area of al-Karabla and purportedly killing many Muslims. As the attack is condemned, the group assails the Americans and states: ?you will not get away with your crime. With the permission of Allah, you will see the outcome.?
  7. The seventh message announces the joining of the Hassan al-Basri Brigades with al-Qaeda in Iraq, and states: ?we are continuing in the path of the jihad, we shall not give up the jihad, and we shall not quit the fight.?

A full translation of the seven messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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