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Al-Qaeda's Video Presentation of “The War of the Oppressed” – A Film of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan Depicting “Operation: Crushing the Cross”
By SITE Institute
August 31, 2005

An hour-long, high quality video showing footage of the al-Qaeda mujahideen in Afghanistan, depicting operations titled: ?The War of the Oppressed,? was released yesterday, August 30, 2005, to several jihadist forums on the Internet. The film, produced this summer by al-Sahab, an al-Qaeda production company, is focused upon the preparation and subsequent execution of ?Operation: Crushing the Cross.?

Footage of the mujahideen assembling missiles, attending training exercises and indoor briefings led by the command of the operation, and launching attacks, are intertwined with several speeches by members of the group, speaking in Arabic, English, French, and Urdu, providing justification for their jihad and spouting vitriol against Americans and Western nations.

Audio clips of Abdullah Azzam, an al-Qaeda spiritual leader, Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Usama bin Laden, and Ayman al-Zawahiri lead into the film, which follows the mujahideen as they launch their attack on American forces.

The speeches assail Americans and their allies, and promise for the destruction of these forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere. One of the speakers, a disguised fighter identified in the film as, Mujahid Maqez al-Ghamidi, promises that the Muslim enemies will not rest in peace until all the Muslims lands are liberated.

Further, he states: ?And let the whole world know, and especially the crusaders? confederacy, that no matter where they are, they will not be safe from the mujahideen?s attacks and that the tenacious youths of the nation will target their economic interests, and their vital projects, with all what they were giving from power, and who treated others by the same treatment, was fair.?

Another speaker, Mujahid Ulma?a Allah, congratulates the mujahideen in Iraq for ?raising the dignity of Muslims,? and urges them to continue to ?fight your enemies and the enemies of Islam in your country, and kill them. Don't let them in your country!? Ulma?a Allah, continuing his diatribe, addresses the presence of America in Afghanistan, claims that this war will ?mark the end of America and its allies in Afghanistan and it will become a graveyard for the Americans along with the English and the Russians.?

An English speaker with an Australian accent, identified as ?Khalid al-Sheikh,? attacked both, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush as creating the illusion of free nations, and making their populous as slaves to their whims. Al-Sheikh, also, charges: ?The Muslim world is not your backyard.?

Footage of this film, ?The War of the Oppressed,? was first aired by the al-Arabiya Arabic Television on August 6, 2005, airing only three minutes of the video. Although this is considered as the full video, though several scenes are omitted, such as the photo identification cards of a captured American Navy SEAL, and captured computer equipment with military maps.

A seven-page message describing this attack in Mashina?an, southern Afghanistan, as the ?largest operation? and detailing its execution was issued to a password-protected al-Qaeda affiliated forum today. The SITE Institute will soon provide a translation of this message.

A sample of the video clip is available here .

A summary of the video, translations of selected speeches, and the full video areprovided to our Intel Service members.

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