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Political Hints for the Leaders of the Mujahideen in Iraq
By SITE Institute
September 2, 2005

An article addressing expected developments in Iraq, and strategies available to the mujahideen, was posted to a password-protected al-Qaeda affiliated forum yesterday, September 1, 2005, and titled: ?Political Hints for the Leaders of the Mujahideen.? The author, Abu Allith al-Qurashi, elaborates upon anticipated actions by American and coalition forces, believing them to soon retreat to remote desert bases, and also, believes that Iranian armies may intervene in the south and middle of Iraq, and the Turks will enter from the north. To these expectations al-Qurashi charts strategies the mujahideen may follow inside and outside of Iraq, and plots a procedure should Iran enter Iraq.

Concerning attacks within Iraqi borders, for example, the author believes it prudent to continue striking pipelines, and its ?vital establishments,? establish relationships with desert tribes so to retrieve information from them about the location of American bases, and in the event of confrontations with Iran, the mujahideen should assault with ?organized guerilla warfare? against the Iranian army. Strikes upon oil targets in the Gulf and Caspian seas are emphasized in attacks outside of Iraq, and include a strategy to attack Gulf ports. Further, in evaluating the response to possible Iranian intervention, al-Qurashi suggests that suicidal operations be executed in the capital, Tehran, and ?vandalistic operations? and assassinations are to be carried out in major Iran cities and upon the ?Magus Component authority? and ?effective refusal officials.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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