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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility of Attacking Iraqi National Guards in Baquba, Bombings in Dyali and Baquba, and Murders Four al-Ghadr Members and Shells a Police Station in al-Dawra
By SITE Institute
September 4, 2005

In four communiqués issued today, September 4, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for attacking an Iraqi National Guard checkpoint in al-Moualemin district in Baquba, detonating explosives on Humvees and a convoy of Iraqi police and American forces in Dyali and Baquba, murdering four al-Ghadr Brigade members in al-Dawra, and shelling al-Dawra police station.

The first communiqué describes an operation targeting an Iraqi National Guard checkpoint in Baquba yesterday, allegedly killing six officers. According to the message, the group took over the checkpoint and set up an ambush for the ?converters? assisting forces,? who were then attacked with an explosive. One of the mujahideen was injured in the attack and several pieces of artillery were taken from the Iraqi forces.

On Friday, as highlighted in the second communiqué, an explosive package was detonated on a patrol of Iraqi police in al-Makdadiya in Dyali, a National Guard captain was assassinated in Baquba, and damaged two Humvees with explosives in al-Sada in Baquba.

According to the third message, four al-Ghadr Brigade members were murdered in al-Dawra Friday, when their car was attacked with machine guns.

The fourth message states that al-Dawra police station, in Baghdad, was shelled with mortar shells Wednesday; however, the losses are unknown.

A full translation of the four messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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