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Chatter Concerning the Priority of Jihad in Saudi Arabia vis-ŕ-vis Iraq
By SITE Institute
September 7, 2005

A recent discussion on a password-protected al-Qaeda affiliated forum revolved around the question of going to jihad in Saudi Arabia now, or finishing jihad in Iraq and then moving to Saudi Arabia. Members were split on the issue, though a clear majority is in favor of the former option, stressing past statements by Sheikh Usama bin Laden and noting support given to ?crusader? soldier by the Saudi government. However, those who advocate jihad in Iraq as taking precedence over that in Saudi Arabia, find it most prudent due to the greater experience and weaponry the mujahideen will gain, and the belief that ?possibilities? do not permit jihad in Saudi Arabia; Iraq is denoted as a ?complete war,? while Saudi Arabia is dependent upon ?availability.?

Member of the forum giving their opinions on the issue emphasize the necessity of jihad, regardless of Iraq or Saudi Arabia taking priority over the other. Some members indiscriminately claim Iraqi has priority, while others predicate their argument on the advice of Muslim scholars, such as Shiekh al-Battar, and a belief that when the ?occupation? of Iraq is weakened, then Saudi Arabia will be a prime target. Others, who maintain that jihad should be acted upon now in Saudi Arabia, believe that it may be a means to cut supplies to American forces in Iraq, and that an attack on its border security, characterized as ?dogs of the crusaders? alliances? would open the ?door to the Gulf and to Africa? for the mujahideen.

Further, another member who states: ?jihad is a must for every Muslim as long as the infidels come to Muslim land,? provides a map of the northern portion of the Saudi Arabian peninsula, indicating ?crusaders? bases? in Kuwait which the ?Kuwait mujahideen targeted.?

A translation of the message postings is provided to our Intel Service members.

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