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The Afghanistan Mujahideen Publish the First Issue of a Periodic Media Magazine: “The Vanguards of Kharasan”
By SITE Institute
September 8, 2005

A 69-page magazine published by the ?Media Committee? of the mujahideen in Afghanistan, titled: ?The Vanguards of Kharasan,? was recently electronically distributed to the Internet. ?Kharasan,? the historical name of the land on which Afghanistan is located, is symbolic in the magazine?s presentation as Afghanistan as of utmost important in the global jihad. The publication includes articles which emphasize the role and importance of Afghanistan in the context of the global jihad and explicates jihad in general, serving as a recruiting tool for its readers. ?The Vanguards of Kharasan? does not include any military instruction or practical weapon construction manuals; rather, it is an amalgam of issue discussions concerning the current war on America and the ?crusaders,? and developing trends for the future war. The magazine indicates that Afghanistan should mirror the ?success? of the jihad in Iraq.

Interesting, a magazine based in Afghanistan elaborates on the great success that the July 7, 2005 London bombing had on the global, economic jihad. Such articles, as ?We Have Won a Decisive Round,? explains in 10-pages, that these bombings, which are to coincide with other ?victories? in New York City and Madrid, had a great impact upon the world economy, as well as having symbolic significance as the attacks occurred a day after London was chosen for the 2012 Olympics. Another article, ?Global Jihad - and the Afghani Front,? emphasizes that Afghanistan is important on a global scale, not only because it was the first in the ?wagon of jihad,? but it also is allegedly placing a great strain on America?s military and financial faculties. The presence of the mujahideen in Afghanistan is believed to strengthen the spirit of jihad in that country and others, and they vow to intensify ?this front until the Americans will be defeated, with the help of Allah, as the Soviets were defeated before them.?

Further, another pieces in the magazine slams the United States and Pakistan for exaggerating the importance of Abu Faraj al-Libi, the purported ?number 3? in al-Qaeda who was captured in Pakistan in May 2005, as a surrogate for the failure to capture Usama bin Laden. The article, ?The Alleged Victory,? also, castigates the Pakistani people for their inaction, stating: ?shame on you that we see Mujahideen killed on your soils by renegade collaborators in the army and militias or by American planes that violate your sacredness and honor, day and night.? Other articles serve to denounce democracy in Islam, specifically targeting voting rights for women and a speech by Doctor Issam Ahmad Al-Bashir, the Sudanese Minister of Endowments, in Kuwait; others concern ?targets of jihad,? a biography of a martyr, prayers and calls to jihad, and a concluding poem to an anonymous mujahideen in mountains: ?Sir / I pray for you night and day / knowing that the cunning of night and day envelope you / while you are walking, at night, in the mountains, alone?.

A summary of the magazine and a translation of selected articles are provided to our Intel Service members.

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