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Switzerland is the Most Contemptible Among the Enemies of Islam: An Article Distributed Across Jihadist Forums
By SITE Instute
September 9, 2005

An article charging that Switzerland is the ?most contemptible among the enemies of Islam? was recently disseminated across several jihadist and password-protected al-Qaeda affiliated forums. The document, originally authored by Colonel Doctor Muhammad al-Ghanam, the former Director of Legal Investigations in the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and a political refugee in Switzerland, explains the alleged false guise of Swiss neutrality, not only on a political level, but on a personal level in light of al-Ghanam?s own experiences.

Switzerland is branded one of the ?most dangerous links in the ?international pact of the cross?,? due to its continued participation in the occupation of Iraq, cooperation with the ?current renegade regime? in Egypt, and applying pressure on Turkey because of its government has become half-Islamic. Al-Ghanam avers that the Swiss neutrality is a mere façade that allows it to conceal its ?crusading face? and penetrate Muslim society to collect intelligence. Further, from his own experience with the ?aggressive and tyrannical behavior? of the Swiss, the author alleges that a forceful attempt was made upon him to infiltrate al-Qaeda groups, that he refused, and he was subsequently arrested under ?some pretext.? He states: ?freedom of opinion is nothing but a war against Islam.?

Concluding the article, al-Ghanam repeats his condemnation of the Swiss government, and reminds Muslims to beware of Switzerland, ?your contemptible enemy hiding behind false claims of neutrality, making war on your religion without your knowledge. However, the Swiss will not slip away with their crimes against Islam and Muslims: "The day we strike the big stroke, we will avenge."

The article received hundreds of views on the message boards, where many members expressed their gratitude for opening their eyes to the Swiss. Two such responses: ?We attack it soon and know that they are enemies of Islam and Muslims? and ?It?s not Switzerland only… but it?s the entire Europe and in fact, it?s all the Jews, Christians, and the non-believers,? are such an example of the members? views.

A summary and translation of selected passages of the article are provides to our Intel Service members.

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