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Second Part of al-Qaeda Film in Afghanistan Depicts Operations Executed in Kunar Province
By SITE Institute
September 9, 2005

The second part of al-Qaeda?s presentation of the ?The War of the Oppressed ,? which depicted the preparation of mujahideen in Afghanistan and eventual execution of ?Operation: Crushing the Cross,? was recently released on jihadist forums. The extra footage, thirty-minutes in length, contains several graphic scenes of fallen American soldiers, whose helicopter was shot down in Kunar province, and a panorama shot of the materiel taken from the battle site, including helmets, guns, grenades, GPS units, a laptop, and personal items that were removed from the soldiers? persons. A photo ID card of Danny Philip Dietz, Jr., a Navy SEAL is held up to the camera, and the laptop is focused on to show a document titled: ?Afghanistan: Anti-Coalition Militia (ACM) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures,? and another: ?Operation Enduring Freedom: … Techniques, and Procedures,? which shows several military maps.

The video continues from an elevated position, as two separate explosives are detonated on one car belonging to the head of security in Kunar, and another containing ?crusaders and their collaborators.? In the following scene, armed confrontations between the mujahideen in the mountains and American soldiers at a base in Kunar are seen carried out.

The concluding nineteen minutes from the video contain an interview with Mujahid Noman, one of the participants in the latest attacks in Kunar.

The video clip is provide to our Intel Service members.

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