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Jihadist Forum Members Discuss the Possibility that al-Qaeda in Iraq has Developed Chemical Weapons
By SITE Institute
September 15, 2005

A recent discussion amongst members of a password-protected al-Qaeda affiliated forums concerns the purported possession of a chemical laboratory and weapons by al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the possibilities having such weapons of mass destruction has upon the organization?s challenge to the ?arrogant West? and their future plans for their use. The author opening the discussion alleges that it was said at one point that al-Qaeda in Iraq developed a chemical lab in al-Mosul, northern Iraq, though it was a point of contention whether WMDs were developed. Following the Victorious Army Group?s alleged deployment of chemical rockets, the author believes this is an indication that the organization had the power to create some ?very effective tools? and is preparing for a prolonged war with the West.

The author questions if events in Tal Afar provoked the use of chemical weapons, and then asks if al-Qaeda in Iraq is preparing such weapon for use outside of Iraq, possibly against ?underground railways in America.? Members respond that al-Qaeda in Iraq has always possessed such capabilities, one member prefacing his opinion on a need for good preparation to include weapons of mass destruction, and videos in Afghanistan showing experiments with chemical weapons, as well as the ?Brazilian Muslim? who was caught with a radiation bomb. Another member believes that the mujahideen will use these weapons to ?eliminate the Americans not only from Iraq, but also from the entire Islamic world.?

A translation of the message postings is provided to our Intel Service members.

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