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Guide for the Preparation for Battle, Readying the Nation for Jihad, and How to Bear its Consequences, by the Global Islamic Media Front
By SITE Institute
September 16, 2005

A fifteen-page guide published by the Global Islamic Media Front, an al-Qaeda mouthpiece, titled: ?How to Prepare for the Battle, How to make the Nation Ready for Jihad, and How to Bear its Consequences,? was recently disseminated across several jihadist forums. The document does not indicate a date of publication, but it seems to have been written sometime before March 2003. The guide, an advocacy and motivational piece, is divided into two sections: preparation for battle, and how to unify the nation and bring it into battle. The former part discusses Islamic doctrinal and political prefaces to jihad, while the latter extrapolates the these prefaces and includes psychological and military strategies for enabling the Islamic Nation to confederate, execute jihad, and endure its consequences.

The author predicates his instruction on the belief that the West, which ?exists on caste and profiteering, and race and national sovereignty,? is encroaching on Islam and its developed, ?righteous society.? To prepare the nation, it is advocated that an incentive and goal to justify the battle be defined, to ?push the nation to the fight to win it or become a martyr for it if required,? create a fiduciary climate of war, and resist the psychological warfare waged by the enemy. As such, the guide calls for a boycott of the Middle East media because of its slander of the mujahideen and alignment with the ?crusader-Judaic scheme.?

To arm and unite the nation, the guide delineates a seven-point process, which includes a strategic media arm to motivate the nation and explain the upcoming war, form jihadist cells composed of youths, and to geographically enlarge the theater of war so as to make the enemy troops more separate and sparse. Importantly, the author states: ?Our first mission is to expand the war outside Iraq… we must start the jihad operation as of now everywhere… We have to make them suffer in all the Islamic countries while the war is taking place in Iraq.? Further, the target of jihad is expanded to include all nations within the ?Juadic-crusaders? confederacy with the policy of equal treatment? and specifies that ?Americans, the Jews, the British, and their allies? are to be killed.

The guide concludes with a final call upon various stratum of Muslim society to jihad, instructing students to leave school for war since the ?nation is full of educated people,? parents to offer their children, men and women to ?prepare for the sacrifice,? and merchants to supply money and sons.

A translation of selected portions of the guide are provided to our Intel Service members.

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