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Jihadist Forum Reactions to Advice to Target Saudi Arabian Pipelines as a “Conclusive Weapon” against America
By SITE Institute
September 19, 2005

A message posted to a password-protected al-Qaeda affiliated forum on August 19, 2005, and translated by the SITE Institute , addressing al-Qaeda Organization and describing what the author believes to be a ?conclusive weapon? was recently reactivated with reactions by the forum members. The author elaborates that to destroy the oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia will have greater power than a chemical weapon, is easier to detonate than a car bomb, and at the some time, creates a ?big economic disaster for the American public.? Further, the author notes that Sheikh Usama bin Laden had referred to this in the past as a prudent method of inflicting damage on the American economy.

Members responding to the posting laud the author for his advice, unanimously agreeing with his assessment. One member, in particular, believes that the efforts of al-Qaeda should not be squandered over an ?embassy or a center of the crusaders?; rather, attacks should be directed upon their ?God - oil.? A member points out that there is a pipe along the mountains that is unprotected and lies beside a desolate road, which may be a possible attack point, and further, another member believes that these attacks ?must be done without fail,? as the Saudi oil pipelines are the ?artery of American and Europe.?

A full translation of the message postings is provided to our Intel Service members.

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