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A New Video Message by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri Honors the London Bombings, and Criticizes the Afghanistan Elections and the United Nations for Alleged Hypocrisy
By SITE Institute
September 20, 2005

A 5:30 minute video message by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, second in command of al-Qaeda, was aired September 19, 2005 by the Arabic satellite channel, al-Jazeera. In the speech, Zawahiri claims that the bombing in London on July 7, 2005 was one of the ?attacks honored by al-Qaeda Organization against the arrogance of the British crusaders for more than 100 years against the Muslim nation,? condemns the United Nations for maintaining a double-standard in its relationship with Muslim countries vis-à-vis other populations, and seeks to motivate Muslims to jihad as the sole solution to what they have been subjected.

The speech begins with Zawahiri attacking the current state of affairs in Afghanistan, noting that the elections were a mere ?masquerade,? and regions of the land have become rife with ?raping, theft, drug trafficking, which flourished in the time of American occupation.? The United Nations, which certified the election, Zawahiri believes to be a hypocrite for their ?crying and weeping? about the killed people in Darfour, but remain silent when one million Iraqi children died because of sanctions on Iraq. Zawahiri extrapolates this alleged hypocrisy of the West to show that the ?blessed attack? in London revealed its ?real face? of allowing human rights as long as they relate to Western interests. Zawahiri notes that the London attacks were in response to Britains? ?arrogance? against the Muslims nation, establishing Israel and continuing attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq and states that the ?heroes of the London attack… sent a very important message to the Islamic nation especially Pakistan and the West to ignore the devil scholars who are changing facts and ignoring the Shari?a for a personal benefit.?

Concluding the video, Zawahiri voices his belief that America will not allow the existence of an Islamic nation that is not allied with her, and further, states: ?Nobody will give us our rights without jihad.?

A translation of the speech is provided to our Intel Service members.

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