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Translation of Bin Ladenís video aired on Al-Jazeera
By SITE Institute
October 29, 2004

American People!

My speech to you is about the ideal way to avoid another Manhattan. It is about the war, its causes, and its goals. I say to you that security [safety] is an important base in the lives of human life, and that free people do not send their safety to waste. Contrarily to Bush?s pretence that we hate freedom, let him then tell us why we did not attack Sweden for instance. It is known that those who hate freedom, do not have proud spirits, like the spirits of the 19 individuals, God rest their souls. We have fought you because we are free. We do not get sleep in the face of oppression. We want our Nation to regain its freedom. We are wasting your safety, the same way you are wasting ours. I am amazed at you, despite the fact that we have entered the fourth year from September 11, Bush is still misguiding you by hiding the real reason from you. Therefore, the factors necessitating the repeat of what happened are still standing.

I am going to tell you about the reasons behind those events. I am going to be truthful to you. At the moment when the decision was made, I am telling that, God knows that striking the towers had never occurred to us. But, after we had had enough, and we had witnessed the subjugation of the Israelo-American alliance against our people, in Palestine and Lebanon, that thought came to my mind. The events that touched my soul directly go back to the year 1982 and the events that followed it. When America gave permission to the Israelis to invade Lebanon, and obtained assistance from the 3rd American fleet. At those difficult moments, so many feelings touched my soul, feelings that are hard to described, but resulted in an overwhelming feeling to lift oppression, and created a strong determination to punish the oppressors. While watching those destroyed towers in Lebanon, I got the idea of punishing the oppressor the same way, by destroying towers in America, so that it taste some of what we have tasted, and stop killing our children and our women.

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