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“Our Battle – Loyalty and Innocence” by Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi, of the Shari’a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq
By SITE Institute
September 21, 2005

A 9:19 minute video speech allegedly orated by Abu Hamza al-Baghdadi, a ?responsible figure? in the Shari?a Committee of al-Qaeda in Iraq, titled: ?Our Battle - Loyalty and Innocence,? issued today, September 21, 2005, clarifies a segment of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?s speech from September 14. Baghdadi focuses upon a claim that Zarqawi, when declaring war upon those Shi?ites who followed the Iraqi government, had also threatened Sunnis with death if they went to vote on the constitution. He deems this as ?pure lies and invention? and emphasizes that the Muslim Sunnis are the ?sons of al-Qaeda whose blood was shed on the Land of Two Rivers (Iraq)? and are their people.

Abu Hamza al-Baghdad also makes three points in this regard, stating: groups that ascribe these ?lies? to Zarqawi should listen to the entire speech, not just parts of it; Zarqawi never threatened the Sunnis and reiterates that their path is to ?fight all the crusaders and malicious Rafidites [derogatory term for Shi?ites] who allied themselves with the infidels and helped them fight against the Muslims; and demarcates a division between an Iraq and non-Iraqi, believing that the latter is one who fled combat to live among ?tyrants.? Further, according to this logic, Baghdadi avers that Zarqawi is ?infinitely more an Iraqi? than people such as Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ja?afari.

The video clip, summary, and translation of selected portions of the audio message are provided to our Intel Service members.

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