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Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia Issues a Statement Regarding Dammam Events and Refutes the Claims of the Ministry of Interior Regarding the Death of Muhammad al-Suwailmi
By SITE Institute
September 22, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia [Qaedat Al-Jihad in the Arab Peninsula] recently released a statement refuting the claims of the Saudi Ministry of Interior regarding the death of Muhammad al-Suwailmi, and events in Dammam involving the death of five militants, two of which were listed on Saudi Arabia?s most recent 36-most wanted list. According to the message, Saudi security officials stormed an apartment in Mubarikiya quarter inhabited by the mujahideen, and ?were incapable of contending with three soldiers of Islam and heroes of Jihad.? The officials then ultimately destroyed the apartment and allegedly fabricated the amount of arms and explosives the mujahideen had in their possession to ?alleviate their devastating failure.?

The group states that Sultan Bin Saleh al-Hasiri and Nayef Bin Farhan al-Jahishi al-Shamri were among the three killed in the apartment, and though they refuse to indicate the identity of the third mujahid, they avow that it was notMuhammad Bin Abdul Rahman al-Suwailmi; rather, he is ?still alive among his mujahideen brothers who are enraging the enemies of Allah and killing them.? Saudi officials claimed that al-Suwailmi was killed in the raid which took place in Damman from September 4-6, 2005.

A full translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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