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Al Qaeda Front Group Posts Its Spin on Bin Laden Tape to Jihadist Message Boards
By SITE Institute
November 1, 2004

On October 30, 2004, the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), a known Al-Qaeda mouthpiece, posted to jihadist message boards its spin on the Usama Bin Laden video message to America that was released last week. Under the title, ?Sheikh Bin Laden?s political invasion,? Seif Allah Al-Fateh of the GIMF explained to Muslim Youth how the message demonstrated Bin Laden?s greatness as a leader, why the video was sent to Al Jazeera rather than posted on an Islamist message board, and what new messages Bin Laden sought to communicate.

According to Al-Fateh, the tape reflects Bin Laden?s genius, his destiny to lead the Muslim nation, and more specifically his ability to balance the art of politics with the violence of warfare. He claims that Bin Laden told the Americans directly that their ?so-called freedom is nothing other than a distortion of the freedom that the Believers are enjoying and for the sake of which Muslims defend their ideology, their countries, and their dignity.? After addressing complaints about the decision to give the tape to Al Jazeera, Al-Fateh made clear Al-Qaeda?s interpretation of the Bin Laden speech: ?This tape represents a political invasion by the Sheikh of the American political ideology, through which he caused their lies and pretenses to fall down.?

A translation of the entire message is made available to our paid subscribers.

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