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February 10, 2006 Alaska Pipeline Not That Vulnerable Associated Press
January 20, 2006 Al-Qaida targets Alaskan pipeline Vancouver Province
January 19, 2006 Al Qaeda Web site calls for attack on Alaska oil Reuters
January 19, 2006 Web post urges jihadists to attack Alaska pipeline Associated Presss
January 19, 2006 Al-Qaida offers truce, endless war to U.S. United Press International
January 18, 2006 Web site encourages attacks on pipeline Anchorage Daily News
January 14, 2006 U.S. Airstrike Targets Al Qaeda's Zawahiri Washington Post
January 9, 2006 Bombers Kill 18 in Iraq; U.S. Ambassador Nearby New York Times
January 7, 2006 In Video, Al Qaeda's No. 2 Tells Bush to Admit Defeat in Iraq Washington Post
December 28, 2005 Rumsfeld's day targeted New York Daily News
December 20, 2005 Religious Groups Take Early Lead in Iraqi Ballots New York Times
December 19, 2005 'CHARITY' ISN'T SO SWEET New York Post
December 16, 2005 Iraq hostage negotiator is missing, source says Toronto Star
December 12, 2005 Hostage's family endure chilling silence New Zealand Herald
December 12, 2005 Iraq Prison Raid Finds a New Case of Mistreatment New York Times
December 11, 2005 U.S. Soldier Killed by a Concealed Bomb New York Times
December 9, 2005 Suicide Bombing Attack on a Bus in Baghdad's Main Terminal Kills 30 New York Times
December 8, 2005 Hostage-takers extend deadline National Post
December 8, 2005 Menacing video of 2 captives released The Toronto Star
December 8, 2005 Revised hostage deadline spurs hope The Globe and Mail
December 7, 2005 Iraq insurgents escalate war of words on cyber-battlefield USA Today
December 6, 2005 Muslim groups call for release of Canadians The Toronto Star
December 5, 2005 A Snake with a Hundred Heads Der Spiegel
November 13, 2005 Lines of control shift like sands in the desert San Francisco Chronicle
August 3, 2005 Wanted Muslim Extremist Hopscotches Globe Associated Press
August 2, 2005 SA keeps eye on 'Bin Laden's banker' The Star
July 20, 2005 2 Sunnis at Work on Constitution Are Shot Dead in Car in Baghdad New York Times
July 14, 2005 Center of the Jihadist World National Review
June 2, 2005 Radical Islamists use Internet to spread jihad Agence France Presse
June 1, 2005 WHAT INSURGENCY? New York Post
May 24, 2005 Internet Posting Says Zarqawi Has Been Wounded New York Times
March 20, 2005 Curbing Terrorism Stumbles Over Bush's War on Terror San Francisco Chronicle
March 13, 2005 Jihadists Take Stand on Web, and Some Say It's Defensive New York Times
March 9, 2005 Ansar al-Sunna Claims Responsibility for Two Attacks in Heit  
February 23, 2005 Jihad Websites Removed From Computer Canadian Jewish News
January 4, 2005 „Euer Morgen sei der Tod“ Focus
December 22, 2004 Saudi Arabian Businessman Accused of Financing Terrorists Chicago Tribune
November 21, 2004 Hanover a stop in jihadist’s travels Medill News Service
November 11, 2004 Mixed Messages Newsweek
November 5, 2004 Osama Goal: Drain U.S. New York Daily News
November 4, 2004 Khadr sees implied threat in video National Post
October 30, 2004 Bin Laden Warns U.S. Voters Washington Post
October 27, 2004 What the Terrorists Have in Mind New York Times
October 2, 2004 From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror Washington Post
October 2, 2004 NEW TAPE HINTS AL QAEDA BIGS' DAYS NUMBERED Daily News (New York)
September 23, 2004 Even Near Home, a New Front Is Opening in the Terror Battle The New York Times
August 21, 2004 FEDS CHARGE 2 WITH CHANNELING FUNDS TO HAMAS Daily News (New York)
August 12, 2004 Internet Virtual Classroom for Al Qaeda Supporter Reuters
May 12, 2004 HE'S IN OSAMA'S LEAGUE Daily News (New York)
April 1, 2004 How Clarke 'Outsourced' Terror Intel Newsweek
March 31, 2004 Al-Qaeda urges attacks on Canadians: Instructions in manual: Advises hitting 'easy targets that are not protected' National Post
February 6, 2004 Al Qaeda’s Fitna National Review Online
January 22, 2004 Bin Laden's Iraq Attacks Backfiring NY Post
December 27, 2003 Rita Katz Quoted in NY Daily News NY Daily News
December 24, 2003 Chilling New Web Threats NY Post
December 22, 2003 Rita Katz to Appear on O'Reilly Factor SITE Institute
December 7, 2003 U.S. Revokes Visa of Cleric at Saudi Embassy Washington Post
December 6, 2003 Al-Qaeda tape praises Canadian as hero, martyr National Post
November 11, 2003 Rita Katz to Appear on Fox News SITE Institute
October 14, 2003 Rita Katz to Appear on Fox News SITE Institute
September 17, 2003 Terror groups use anonymity, Web to spread message Knight-Ridder
September 16, 2003 Terror groups use anonymity, Web to spread message Knight Ridder Newspapers
September 15, 2003 Al Qaeda Trolls 'Net New York Post
September 15, 2003 Inside the Kingdom Time
September 15, 2003 Al-Qaeda Trolls' Net New York Post
July 14, 2003 WWW.JIHAD.COM National Review Online
June 30, 2003 A Global Network National Review Online
June 1, 2003 Rita Katz and Her War on Islamic Terror Maariv
May 13, 2003 Saudi Relief Hypocrisy National Review Online
April 3, 2003 The Supermarket Shopper  
March 28, 2003 The Web as al-Qaida's Safety Net The Baltimore Sun
March 20, 2003 The End of al Qaeda? National Review Online
March 17, 2003 The Cash Squeeze on Terror Inc. Business Week
March 15, 2003 Money Trail Leads to Charity Ann Arbor, Michigan News
March 11, 2003 Terror Tools The National Review Online
March 4, 2003 Millions Raised for Qaeda in Brooklyn, U.S. Says The New York Times
February 11, 2003 Charity funded jihad fighters National Post
February 11, 2003 Charity Leader Accepts a Deal in Terror Case The New York Times
January 30, 2003 Al Qaeda operative tied to local Islamic charity Chicago Tribune
January 22, 2003 Va. Muslim Groups In Terrorism Probe Funded GOP Races The Washington Post
January 7, 2003 Yemeni Sheikh of Hate National Review
January 6, 2003 Al Qaeda’s New Life Newsweek
January 5, 2003 Activist targets Jihad's Web site; Chicago company is terror group's Internet source Chicago Tribune
December 23, 2002 Sept. 11 families to sue Ottawa suspect: Mohamed Harkat accused of being a member of al-Qaeda National Post - Canada
December 19, 2002 Threats And Responses: The Money Trail The New York Times
December 18, 2002 5 in Texas Jailed in Hamas Probe; Executives Conspired to Help Hide Terrorists' Transactions, U.S. Alleges The Washington Post
December 16, 2002 Collaborating Financiers of Terror National Review
December 6, 2002 Moneyline CNN
December 2, 2002 Charity and Terror Newsweek
December 2, 2002 Saudis In New $hame New York Post
October 15, 2002 A face of terror or benevolence?; Enaam Arnaout calls his work honorable, but the U.S. says it's a cover for his support of terrorism Chicago Tribune
October 10, 2002 Charity accused of aiding terrorism Orlando Sentinel
October 7, 2002 U.S. Trails Va. Muslim Money, Ties
September 20, 2002 Report Links Charity to an Al Qaeda Front The Wall Street Journal
September 17, 2002 The Weakness of the West - Stopping al Qaeda. National Review Online
September 14, 2002 Islamic charity charged again after court victory Chicago Tribune
August 20, 2002 Getting at the Whole Network National Review Online

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